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Kingdom Map by elvenari Kingdom Map :iconelvenari:elvenari 1 0
Ref Sheet: King Orseus
Name: King Orseus 
Age: 64 (earth years)
Gender: Male
Race: Skydenizen
Percentage Angel: 15%
Height: At 3 feet and six inches, Orseus is a foot taller than the average Skydenizen
Weight: 80 pounds 
Build: Short and thin
Hair: Silver streaked with blue - these represent the color of his kingdom, about six inches long all around
Eyes: silver
General Apparel: Usually seen wearing a black suit with a silver and blue tie, representing the colors of his kingdom.
Personal Items: His crown, which is a simple band inset with each of the precious stones of Skyden, various rings also inlaid with precious stones, and a sword a
:iconelvenari:elvenari 1 6
Reference Sheet
(must be 18 or younger)
Percentage Angel:
(Must be at least 50%)
General Apparel:
(What is your character generally seen wearing? What type of clothes do they prefer?)
Personal Items: (Did your character bring anything with them from home? A photo, a journal, etc.)
Background (Where does your character come from? Be as detailed as you want, but at least two sentences.)
Friends and Family: (give a brief description of your character's family (mom, dad, siblings?), did they have any friends?)
Lineage: (Which side of the family is the angel on?)
General Personality: (Describe your character's general personality. Are they impulsive? Optimistic and happy? Pessimistic? Give us an idea of your character's general disposition.)
Pet Peeves:
(List a
:iconelvenari:elvenari 3 3
Prince Candidates Needed
The Prince of the kingdom of Lorden has been missing for two years. The King has given up hope on ever finding him again. King Orseus has decided he needs a new Prince. He sent out a message across the multiverse:
The Kingdom of Lorden, located on the planet Skyden, located in the star system Rupseden, located in the sixth solar system is in need of a new Prince. The qualifications? You must be under eighteen years old. You must be in possession of two wings that you were born with, and you must be at least 50% angel. You also must be willing to prove your dedication to becoming the new Prince of the Kingdom Lorden of the planet Skyden of the star system Rupseden of the sixth solar system. Each planet must choose one candidate and send them to the Kingdom Lorden within the next half light year.
:iconelvenari:elvenari 2 6
Mature content
See You :iconelvenari:elvenari 1 4
Jade Rewritten, Part four
“Jem?” I call out. I can see him leaning against the wall halfway down the hall. What’s wrong with him? He looks up, and even at this distance, I see his shoulders drop. I hurry towards him, concerned, even though I probably shouldn’t be.
“Are you okay?” I ask, half expecting him to do something irrational.  He ignored me.
“Just...leave. Leave me alone, okay? You don’t know me, you can’t do anything to help except leave,” Jem’s head snaps up, his eyes flaring.
I blink, surprised. “Just...tell me what’s going on,” I say quietly. He stares at me for a second, then shakes his head. “You wouldn’t understand,” he says, then pushes himself off the wall and stalks down the hall to his room, punching in the key code so hard I worry that he might poke a hole through the wall it’s mounted on. I can’t do anything to help, but I can see he’s in pain (a
:iconelvenari:elvenari 0 1
Jade Rewritten, part three
I don’t know why I put Jade across the hall from me. I know Laley’s going to kill me. Arik and Sebb will never let me hear the end of it. Maybe it was because she’s just so damn captivating. I barely even know her name, this is ridiculous. I sigh to myself, then grab my weapons belt and put it on, yanking it tight. I attach my sword sheath, nearly breaking the leather straps.
I head to training, where many of the recruits are waiting. They are all wearing the standard recruit attire, gray tank top or shirt with black pants similar to ours, but simpler and less heavy duty. Most of the girls are wearing the tank tops, as well as about half of the guys. Jade is wearing a tank top and perusing the weapons rack. I go up behind her and say gruffly, “Hurry up. We’ve got limited time.”
Jade jumps, startled, before turning to me, irritation sparking in her gold eyes. She clenches her fists, delicate muscles rippling up her forearms. “Could you back off
:iconelvenari:elvenari 0 0
Next part for Jade, Rewritten
They take us in groups to be assigned to mentor-whatevers, but they split us up wrong. I’m two groups behind my girlfriend, Jade. Damn, I hope her mentor-guy isn’t a hottie.
When we get inside, we’re in this huge auditorium type room, only it has weapons and things lining the walls. A training room, I’m pretty sure. There are six people in uniforms lined up behind a six-foot redhaired guy with green skin. Each of the uniformed people has two or three recruits next to them, and the guy in front (I think he’s the head general or something) has two recruits next to him. Shit, Jade’s one of them. I sigh and wait to be assigned to a mentor. My mentor is Arik, a blue-green-skinned First Class General with stern rules. Ugh.
He takes us to assign our rooms, which takes forever and a day. Four hours later it’s finally lunch time, and I get to meet up with Jade in the cafeteria.
“Jade!” I call her name, and she turns her head to look for who
:iconelvenari:elvenari 0 2
Intro to Jade, Rewritten
“March!” The head General shouts out, his shoulders back, head up, hands clasped and resting at his lower back. He’s six feet tall, from what I can see from here. I can also tell that he has a pair of wings, folded against his uniform. His dark green skin glistens with sweat; obviously he has been working before we recruits came along.
“March!” he shouts again, his voice deep and loud. He has red hair that contrasts his skin and is cut jaggedly just above his shoulders, which are bare. He’s wearing multi-pocketed, triple-belted cargo pants with heavy-looking black boots. His pants are tucked into his boots, and I can see that he has a knife in each boot; the hilts are sticking out, glinting in the orange moonlight.
“Stand! Face front!” he orders. The line of recruits turns and faces him. We try to move in sync with each other, but it’s more difficult than it seems.
“I will assign you each to a mentor,” he lifts one arm a
:iconelvenari:elvenari 1 0
Evening Forest by elvenari Evening Forest :iconelvenari:elvenari 1 0 Midafternoon Forest by elvenari Midafternoon Forest :iconelvenari:elvenari 1 0 Simplicity by elvenari Simplicity :iconelvenari:elvenari 1 3 Me and Food by elvenari Me and Food :iconelvenari:elvenari 1 8 bubbles? by elvenari bubbles? :iconelvenari:elvenari 3 13
We watched as Alina blinked her eyes open; they were brown and unremarkable, quite the contrast from mine. River pushed everyone back, out of eyeshot of Alina, then crouched down next to her.
Alina turned her head slowly, taking in the ceiling, high, high above her, her pupils dilating in fear. Then she saw River and calmed down incrementally.  “Mom...where am I?”
“You’,” River replied hesitantly.
“But where?
River sighed.
“Alina, sweetie....remember the man I was telling you about? The man that I always knew would come back?”
Alina nodded, curls bouncing slightly.
“My father,” she murmured, voice quiet and uncertain. I could tell she didn’t trust the Doctor any more than I did.
“Your father. Yes. We’re in his home, doesn’t look like a house from where we’re from. It’s called the TARDIS. Your father...he’s a time traveler.” River explained, gi
:iconelvenari:elvenari 1 3
Aleca Willam reference sheet
Name: Aleca Willam
Age: 20
Gender: female
Species: human
Primary Language: English
Height: 5’2” (five feet, two inches)
Weight: Average
Build: She is small and thin, but has almost perfect posture. She isn’t very strong, nor does she look it.
Skin: very pale, with an almost invisible dusting of freckles across her nose
Hair: white-blonde, loose curls that fall to the middle of her back. Usually kept down. She also has bangs that grew out to chin length which hang by her face
Eyes: very pale; they seem to be blue from a distance, but as you get closer, they are really green. They have a darker ring around the outside of the iris.
Other traits: none
Clothes: long jeans which are tight but not ridiculously tight, with an almost-tear (whether intentional or not, impossible to tell) down the front of the left thigh; usually wears a pale colored tank top underneath a stylishly baggy shirt that usually ends a couple inches above her jeans, so the tank
:iconelvenari:elvenari 1 6

Random Favourites

Knock knock, Doc by LetsSaveTheUniverse Knock knock, Doc :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 371 84 He's not from MARS. by LetsSaveTheUniverse He's not from MARS. :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 522 118 Mandala Challenge #1-Tmplt #43-Sub #2 by coboltnet Mandala Challenge #1-Tmplt #43-Sub #2 :iconcoboltnet:coboltnet 7 9 The Doctor's secret weapon. by LetsSaveTheUniverse The Doctor's secret weapon. :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 447 35 Kids by animama Kids :iconanimama:animama 76 48 White Blossoms - Stereo by coboltnet White Blossoms - Stereo :iconcoboltnet:coboltnet 3 14
Soldiers and Turks
Title: Soldiers and Turks
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: not telling, Reno centered
Rating: a bit violent
Mostly when things went out of hand – and they did, regulary, in a place crammed full of adrenaline, testosterone and unstable minds – it was taken care of within the different ShinRa sectors. Soldiers dealt with Soldiers on a rampage, Turks dealt with Turks who'd seen one thing too many. But sometimes, inevitably, there was a clash that no one could or wanted to stop.
At first one would think the outcome of such a fight would be obvious; due to extensive training and regular mako shots the Soldiers were stronger and faster than any mere human, they were constantly trained for just one thing; fighting.
But the Turks had something most Soldiers lacked; a brain. And a total disrespect for anything even resembling a fighting codex. Thus the sound of shouting and swearing that reached Tseng's ears had half the people around him running away from the upcoming fight and half of th
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 19 41
Impact by Oer-Wout Impact :iconoer-wout:Oer-Wout 9,146 389
Testosterone is in the air
Title: Testosterone is in the air
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: Humour, some very little nudity, some swearing, some badly choreographed fighting
Pairing: KadajxRufus
Summary: This is why the peons aren’t trusted
Author’s note: This is sooooooo silly…
Muse:  (Go, ShinRa, go!*gigglesnort*) and (I wonder how drunk Vince was?)
Making sense is overrated….
To call the mood in the lobby outside Rufus Shinra’s office awkward would have been like calling Vincent Valentine a bit gloomy. Although true, it did in no way convey the real essence of the situation.
On opposite sides of the room, as far from one another that they could come but still as close to the big brass double-doors of the VD:s office as possible, four men glared at one another in absolute hostility. Had a fly dared to venture into the space between them it would most likely have b
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 17 45
FB - Of puppies and kittens
Title: FB- Of Puppies and Kittens
Author: Enide Dear
Rating: cute and violent
Pairing: The usual
A/N: A (very late) birthday gift for the amazing :iconfunkysockzlover: and her pic:   Happy birthday dear!
The sounds coming from Loz weren't really snores; it was more of a long, drawn out growl. Zack couldn't help but grin as he looked down on the three copies of his former friend and hero from Soldier - like Sephiroth, the remnants had a deep instinct for finding the sunniest spot available and dozing off contently. Today all three of them were snuggled together in the weedy back garden of the Valenwind's house, basking in the first warm spring sunlight. Careful not to disturb, Zack put away his cold soda and crouched down next to them, very gently petting Loz's short silver hair. A green slitted eye opened drowsily, but closed again as Loz accepted the presence and the touch, even leaning his head sleepily
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 23 44
Little Reno and Rude
Title: Little Reno and Rude
Author: Enide Dear
Pairing: not really
Rating: serious bad behaviour and swearing
Summary: Reno and Rude grows up fast.
"Let me go, you fuckers!" Snarling and kicking the red-head was pulled along the corridor towards the principal's office by a heavy school guard. Several other students stopped and stared; it wasn't rare to see students being dragged in for punishment, not in this lower-plate school on the very edge of the slums, and it most certainly wasn't rare to see one of those students being the known trouble maker Reno. But something was different this time, the guard's posture stiff and unrelenting and the pupil's eyes shining with a desperation and fury that didn't come from being caught at some prank. Reno swore and kicked at the onlookers, promising painful death that made more than a few of them hurry away to somewhere quieter.
There were rust red stains on Reno's dirty sweater and in the short red hair.
The school guard finally managed to get h
:iconenide-dear:Enide-Dear 35 57
Tennant Big Smile by DatPegasisterApple Tennant Big Smile :icondatpegasisterapple:DatPegasisterApple 158 36
Alec's POV
"Do I look ready?" Magnus was leaning very close to the mirror in our bathroom, closing his right eye and penciling on dark eye-liner. He was wearing fitted black slacks and a purple button up silk shirt, which was currently un-tucked. He had already spiked his thick hair at impossible angles.
"Well…" I started, but knew it didn't matter whether I finished my sentence or not. Apparently he was not yet ready for our night in Venice (though I wasn't so sure that I was ready, either).
Without my consent, Magnus had decided I was going to wear black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a buttoned black vest. And so I was. I glanced back at the warlock to find him decorating his other eye, and realized that with a closer look, when he moved, the liquid would shine as if a line of oil was smeared over his lid. I buried my hands deep inside of my pockets and paced back and forth through our hotel room.
Truthfully, I was extremely nervous about tonight, but of course I did
:iconmagnusandalec:magnusandalec 58 36
Everything tickety-boo? by LetsSaveTheUniverse Everything tickety-boo? :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 207 175 Who is River Song? by pfeifhuhn Who is River Song? :iconpfeifhuhn:pfeifhuhn 33 6



Journal Entry: Fri Jul 19, 2013, 11:07 AM
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Okay, so, I am going to change one more smallish thing about Jade Rewritten. Instead of Jade and Alex being 'recruited', Jade goes to a military school of her own choice and manages to convince Alex to go with her. I will go in and edit this in the deviations in a sec, but mainly it'll be the same.

In other news! I'm going to let that poll take up space for a couple more weeks because so far all three are equal. That is not very helpful. 
I also am now watching Attack on Titan (I'm up to date on that!), Free! Iwatobi Swim club (Tumblr made me do it.), Madoka (Only two episodes in!), and am reading Sakana (up to date on that) and Gunnerkrigg Court (also up to date on that). In case anyone was wondering what fandoms I'm in as of late. 

I promise I'm still working on writing! 

...I felt like I had a lot more news than that. Okay. 


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